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Dedicated Studio Production Resource

Loveurope were approached by the Head of Marketing at J.P.Morgan Asset Management to conduct a study of the internal design, artwork and digital production facility in London.

The facility provided a slow, time consuming and erratic service deemed not to be financially viable due to inconsistencies and errors.

There was no concise asset management system in place, or accurate reporting system to enable budget forecasts for the various UK, European and APAC marketing teams.

Loveurope provided an internal resource on a fixed monthly fee. Almost immediately J.P.Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) began to see positive results, leading to an increase of promotional material budgets for markets serviced by the Marketing Department.

Not only do Loveurope facilitate the internal studio unit at JPMAM we also handle press schedules, UK and European prospectuses, print production and digital advertising with a dedicated team in London as well as in our offices in Poland and South Africa.